Pinot & Pistols | My EDC: ANR Design Master Blaster

Date: March 7, 2020 Author: Pinot & Pistols Every time my ANR Design Master Blaster holster appears on my Instagram, I get questions about it. It’s my most used holster but I haven’t given it a dedicated post yet, so here we go. The Master Blaster is a minimalist pistol + magazine combination appendix inside the waistband […]

The Firearm Blog | TFB EXCLUSIVE: Pre-Production Development of The CZ P-10 C – Part 2

Posted June 28, 2019 by Alex C TFB EXCLUSIVE: PRE-PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT OF THE CZ P-10 C – PART 2 The P-10 C has drastically transformed since its pre-production model.  CZ considered comments and concerns from pre-production validators.  They did change some features that I personally miss.  They improved on others. I believe the pre-production P-10 C […]

CZ SP-01 Tactical Two Month Review

By: Fridge Operator  The last couple of months I have been shooting my CZ SP-01 Tactical, and so far it’s been working flawlessly. I’ve been carrying the gun as a winter concealed carry gun inside an ANR Design IWB with a claw. I’ve been really pleased with how well the gun has shot any type of […]

The Q Honey Badger – Big Punch in a Small Package

By: Fridge Operator  When I picked up and shot the Honey Badger SBR for the first time, I realized how great looking the gun was overall, but it packed a serious punch. It reminds me of a beauty pageant queen who occasionally likes to commit domestic violence during an argument. The gun is fantastic looking […]

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